Chad McKinney


Two days ago I returned home from my rifle bull elk hunt on the Floyd Lee Ranch at the Grande Camp. This was my second hunt with USO on the Floyd Lee Ranch and it will not be my last! Randy was my guide. I had the pleasure of hunting with Randy on my first trip to Floyd Lee last year when I came to USO with a friend. This year I came to the ranch for a solo vacation and was able to hunt with Randy again. During both trips Randy's knowledge of the area and the elk herd we were hunting is undeniable. Randy took all hunters through safety briefing upon everyone's arrival at the Grande Camp. During the briefing he informed all the hunters the elk weren't bugling much because it was late rut so we should all expect to do a lot of glassing to find the elk. Before I get into the details of my particular hunt I should mention there were a couple hunters in camp with limited mobility. This is NOT a problem for USO guides. They do a fantastic job of catering a hunt to the hunter's specific needs so if a hunter has limitations all the hunter has to do is let their guide know and the guide will accommodate the hunter. Now back to my experience. I'm 46 and in decent shape. I do have a heart murmur which limits my ability to climb hills or run over long periods of time, however, it's not much of a problem for me as long as I take frequent breaks to catch my breath. I informed Randy of this before we left camp on the first morning of the hunt. We had to do a lot of hiking to find the bull I ending up tagging. Along the way Randy would "check in" with me to see how I was doing, especially during the first couple hours. I could tell he was getting a feel for what my limitations were and this helped us both in the long run because we ended up taking most of the first day to bag the 5 x 5 bull I took home. As the day wore on Randy didn't have to check with me to see how I was doing because he had already gotten a feel for my limitations earlier in the day. As it turns out my bull was in some very high country with 5 cows. The terrain was steep and rocky. We initially spotted my bull at about 700 yards and Randy said, "This is going to be just like a sheep hunt." Having never been on a sheep hunt I was a bit concerned because I have seen sheep hunts on TV and they don't look easy. Randy asked me if I was up for it so I said, "Yes!" because I'm not one to back down from a new challenge, despite my congenital heart disease. Long story short, we had to side the hill off the mountain we were on, cross a valley (the Valley of Death as Randy called it). Then, side hill up the back side of the mountain where the bull was laying. Randy's plan was to get into shooting position above the bull so we could get him out of his bed and shoot down to him. The strategy worked perfectly! It took us about 30 minutes to an hour to get to the ridge were I ultimately made the 180 yard shot to get my bull. From the time we arrived on the rocky mountain top, until the time I took my initial shot Randy made sure I had everything I needed; a solid rest, water, even hearing protection as my rifle has a muzzle break, and most of all reminded me to enjoy the moment. This is easy to lose sight of after you've been planning a hunt like this for months or even years, have covered 5+ miles to catch the animal and finally there it is inside 300 yards. It's easy for a hunter to succumb to adrenaline and make stupid errors he normally wouldn't make. Thanks to Randy's coaching that didn't happen to me. "Enjoy this". Those words meant so much to me in the moment and even looking back as I sit in my office writing this. I lost my wife of 16 years a little over a year ago and sometimes a simple statement like, "Enjoy this." is needed and that's exactly what I needed from Randy on that mountain top looking down at this bull and his five cows in their beds. Randy isn't your guide. Randy is your partner! For the next several minutes the hunt played out. After getting set up Randy hit a cow call and the bull bugled back several times until finally presenting me with the broadside shot I needed. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I am normally a much better shot than I was in that moment. It ultimately took 5 shots to bring my bull down at 180 yards with my 300 WinMag. I'm almost embarrassed by it! My only excuse is I had been watching and listening to the bull for a long time. It seemed like an eternity, but in actuality it was probably 5 minutes from the time Randy made the elk bugle and get out of his bed until the elk finally eased up a draw where I could see for a clear shot. The first two shots were in the "bread basket", but the 3rd and 4th were off the mark as the adrenaline did take over for a few seconds. The bull went down and proceeded to get up again before the 5th shot was a perfect double lung shot that put him down for good. Now the work begins. Randy and I had to side hill down the hill to the bull. Randy took a lot of pictures. As a matter of fact, Randy took pictures all day!! He took pictures while hiking in to find the elk and took pictures on the way out after we had quartered the animal and hung the meat so we could pack it out the next day. Another great thing about Randy. He gets candid moments during the hunt and STILL finds the elk for you! I digress, after taking a lot of pictures we got to work capeing and quartering the bull. It was getting late in the day so we hung the meat in some nearby cedars and hiked back to the truck. All told, it was about a 15 mile day. This was fine with me because both of us are fitness fanatics and what better way to remind yourself you're alive than to sprint 100 yards with a 20 pound pack on your back after you've already hiked 15 miles, killed and quartered a nice bull elk. Yes! Challenge accepted, Randy!! The next day we ventured back to the mountain to retrieve the meat, antlers and cape. After 3 trips up the mountain it was done. The meat was in coolers. The antlers were in the truck and I was, once again, beyond happy with my USO experience. Another thing. Adam was the camp chef during my time at the Grande Camp. Adam, like everything else at USO, is on point. Our week started with t-bone steak, baked potatoes and vegetables. The steak was cooked to perfection and the flavor would rival any 5-star steak house, and I've been to a lot of 5-star steak houses in my travels over the years. After coering all those miles I mentioned earlier we arrived back at camp to chicken alfredo. This was a welcome meal to any carb depleted body. Breakfast every morning was awesome with eggs cooked to order and for lunch Adam made sandwiches to order for guys that would be out hunting all day. If you were going to be back in camp for lunch he would cook burgers. Adam also kept lots of snacks readily available for hunters to grab and go. Adam even made apple pie after one of the hunters requested one. I'm sorry, but that's just awesome!!! In closing, this was indeed the hunt of a lifetime. I can't imagine a better experience with another outfitter. I'm already booked for the 2020 early rifle bull elk hunt and will be working with Darlene in the USO home office to try my luck with the state lotteries in Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utak. If I do not draw a tag for 2020 I will return to Floyd Lee and I will definitely be asking to hunt with Randy again!

Dan Everett

Rochester, NY

I've just returned from my elk hunt at the Grande Camp, and wanted to share a few thoughts with you. I have dreamed about hunting the Floyd Lee with USO since I first became acquainted with you on the Realtree TV shows. It's still hard to believe it actually happened. My hunt was amazing and the number of elk I saw exceeded my wildest fantasy. The knowledge and team work of the guides collectively was awe inspiring. They seem to know every inch of that ranch and exactly what the elk are doing and where and where they will be and what they are doing. My guide was Rich Halcomb, and I must say I could not have asked for a better guide. His knowledge was amazing and his desire to make sure we experienced a hunt of lifetime was evident. He truly desired to give his clients the best. I would hunt anywhere, anytime with Rich. Adam our cook, also deserves a mention, the food was excellent and he was happy to make sure everyone had anything they desired. I do have a few things that I feel you could improve on, mostly administratively. First, once booked, we rally didn't hear anything from you. Perhaps a quick email with some info on the camp we are assigned to with some camp pictures/details. For example, we had no idea what was available for meat care. I called the office to ask, and was told meat would be placed in an "ice chest" with dry ice and be frozen. Given that information, and not wanting our meat to be frozen and thawed, we decided to purchase a large chest freezer, and bring it in a trailer . . . it would have changed our decision to know the camps had really nice processing areas with walk-in coolers. Also, I realize the Grande camp is small, but with 8 hunters and 5 guides, 2 sofas and a metal folding chair was a little inadequate. Having said all this, on a overall satisfaction scale of 1-10, I'd rate my experience a 12-13! I would go back in a heart beat. I am planning on calling you after hunting season and discussing some of your draw hunts.

Jan Korsgaard


Long way to go but worth every mile and $ spent. USO handles my applications for the North American species and this was my first time to draw, an Antelope tag in Wyoming. Traveled 27 hours non-stop to get there and 24 back from hill billy country in Denmark to southwest Wyoming. USO picked the perfect spot for my first hunt in USA - more to come I hope. Hunted the Q-Creek Ranch and saw 2000 plus Antelope, 2-300 Elk and good numbers of Mule Deer, game rich and well managed. Guides did very well and got me onto a good Antelope the first day, but the rut being on he had a different mondset and followed his beloved one while fighting off the other suitors. Went back the next morning and worked the area - success, took him cleanly at 200 yards. Doesn't come any better. Spend time with the Antelope giving thoughts and respect to the quarry, the location and that we take the freedom to hunt and harvest. USO and their staff made this happen, can't wait till 2020 when an Elk should be in the offering - fingers crossed.

Kevin Bjordahl

South Dakota

We had a great time hunting the L Bar. The camp is nice and the USO staff is all super friendly. The hot weather hindered the rut and we had to resort to hunting waterholes in the afternoon. I arrowed a bull on day 4. The shot angle was a little steep and we ended up having to track the bull down with Henry and the dogs. That was an adventure in itself.

Ed Eckert

New Jersey

My guide's name was Cash. I had the opportunity to harvest a 6 point elk at 30 yards. I shot him four times on Monday, September 17th at around 7:30 PM. Cash definitely met my expectations and I would definitely hunt with him again. Cash and I sat over a waterhole all afternoon on Monday. Evening was approaching and the bulls started bugling a few yards away. One started sounding a little closer so Cash told me to get over to one side of the valley and he would continue to call. No sooner did I get over there when the cow came running right past me and the bull was still bugling up the valley. He was coming! I could hear him running, kicking rocks and stuff, then I could see his legs so I drew my bow. When he got beside me Cash bugled and the bull stopped. That's when I took my shot. I am sure you are already aware of the quality and quantity of game. The accommodations were clean and comfortable. The food was good and JR is a good cook. An improvement I would suggest would be to shoot more of the bears and coyotes because we didn't see many calves. I would absolutely recommend USO to a friend.

Gerald Manley


Thank you George and your entire staff, at United States Outfitters. While I was driving back home to Ohio I had a lot of time to think about my elk hunting experiences. I just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone involved. I've hunted for over 40 years and have been successful hunting whitetail deer, pheasant and rabbits. But, nothing compared to my elk hunt at your ranch. I can honestly say that I have been hunting with a more organized, knowledgable and hard-working outfitter than the one you operate. George, I still can't believe how you and J.R> got together and attended to my car issue and didn't accept my offer to pay you for your services. That was way over and above what I expected. So, thank you. Adam, you get a special mention for the great breakfasts, lunches and dinners you made including fresh baked pies every day. Your attention to detail in preparing your meals was fantastic. also, I have to mention the cheeseburger you made special for my guide and I when we rolled in about 2:00 in the afternoon. Lunch was over and it was too soon for dinner but you went out of your way to prepare a special meal for the two of us. You even put your homemade red chili on top. It was one of the best cheeseburgers that I've ever eaten. So, thank you too. Kevin Davis, my guide, did an impressive job navigating the rough terrain and had me consistently glassing bulls. Even though Kevin is quite a bit older, (10 months) we covered a lot of ground and saw sveral groups of elk. We saw at least 6 legal bulls before I was able to harvest my beautiful 5 x 5. I heard a few of the other hunters took bulls at over 300 and 400 yards which does take skill but I wouldn't trade my hunt with any of them. Kevin, my guide, did a masterful job at spotting the bull and putting a well thought out stalk on him. He took into account the wind direction and herd speed to put me just where I needed to be to get a good shot on a bull. I was able to harvest my bull at 50 yards. So, I'll just say I'm pleased with how we were able to outsmart an old bull. So, thank you again George and your crew for a memorable hunt.

Jospeh Van Rooy

Jacksonville, FL

I hunted New Mexico Unit 2B last week with USO. It was a well-run and organized camp. My guide, Cody, was great, and I enjoyed the meals. I was able to tag a great buck, and I am very happy with the experience. I look forward to hunting with USO the next time I am fortunate enough to draw a tag!

Roger Johnson

Brule, WI

Randy Weems and Colton Choate professionally guided us using wind and terrain, to get close enough for the shot! Once in position, Randy called the bull up from a lower area, while the 18 cows and 9 calves were laying down and eating.  The bull worked his way up bugling, answering Randy's call!  We were set up on a rock out cropping.  The bull kept facing me and not allowing for a shot.  Randy gave different calls and got the cows moving, so the bull, turned and took off after the last cow.  Randy then called, with a very busy loud call, and the bull stopped, so I was able to get a well placed killing shot! Our I-phone app. "My Health" stated we had walked 4.1 miles to get within the range of the bull elk, and to keep downwind of him. Our friend had hunted several times with USO, and told us of his up and coming hunt on the Floyd Lee Ranch. My wife and I called your office and we were able to get a hunt of a life time! We walked a lot during the summer to prepare us for this awesome hunt! Thank you and everyone for a wonderful experience! We definitely will recommend USO to our friends and family, and would like to go again!

Mark Decker

Kersey, PA

The hunt was a great hunt, as I did not know that the elk would not be on the mountain due to all the rain.  The hunt turned out to be a stock in the low lands which is something I really enjoy. I have hunted antelope many times and always enjoyed the challenge of not being busted by their keen sight. The Elk proved to be just a challenging! The second day of the October hunt started out with just me and Cliff, my guide. Due to the number of kills on the first day, I hunted 1 on 1 with the Cliff the second day. We had spotted a nice bull the night before, but was not able to get to him. So that morning we drove as close as we dared and then carefully sneaked up to him the last 2 miles to peak over the ridge. Unfortunately the wind was against us and at the last minute the bull and his heard busted us. In dismay, we watched the bull lead his heard away from us. The New Mexico landscape allowed us to watch the heard escape from us for a long distance L. Our fortune had taken a turn as we watched the bull and his heard calm down and actually start feeding again! After more than an hour, the cows in the heard actually bedded down! At this point, Cliff suggested that we head to the truck and come in from the other direction as during all of this, he was formulating a plan! Once parked in the new spot, we used the terrain to walk within approx. 700 yards. From there we needed to use our best stocking skills to get to what we thought would be shooting distance. We snaked and crawled through the terrain and low bushes as far as we dared. Cliff said the bull was at 360 yards so we setup for the shot. From my prone position, I fired 5 shots landing 2 in the vitals! Once we came upon the downed bull, I ranged the rock face from which we started our stock and found it to be 720 yards. This meant I actually shot at 520 yards. I am always amazed how flat a rifle will shoot in the higher elevations! This was the end to an AWESOME hunt with a very knowledgeable guide Cliff!!!!! Thanks for the hunt USO. Hope to hunt with you again soon!

Steve and Sandi Fassbender

Kailua-Kona, HI

Everyone has a different perception of what constitutes a successful hunt. For us it is the hunt itself, the animal harvested as well as many other things. During our hunt on the Floyd Lee Ranch, we were hosted by a truly professional operation. Junior, the gentleman who ran the camp itself, was a tremendous host, caretaker and cook, and a source of information for all our questions. Our guide, Antonio, was very knowlegeable and a good guy to spend time with in the field. everyone on the staff was wonderfull. If the opportunity arose, we would do this hunt again.

Bruce & Claude Delmas

Charleston, SC

My father and I hunted out of the L-Bar Ranch camp with Gadget as our guide. On the morning of the third day of the hunt, we spotted a shooter bull with 10 cows about 800 yards away. Gadget and myself made a stalk on the bull, via a "hop scotch" from one small head of cover to another, until we were 166 yards from the bull. The cows were ahead of the bull, and all were unaware of our presence. Gadget glassed the bull and said "he is broken on his right side, take a look, it's up to you". I looked, and told him I would shoot. I steadied on the shooting sticks, fired one shot, which passed through the bull just below the spine. The impact broke his spine, and the bullet passed through both lungs. The bull went night down and expired in about 10 seconds. No finishing shot required. A 6X4 bull with a broken main beam. He was most likely a 6X6 before he broke the beam.
On the fourth morning of the hunt we spotted numerous elk from a high vantage point. The elk were coming across open meadows and into nearby cover below us. Several were shooter bulls. One group went into a small finger meadow, another group went into a wooded bowl like depression to bed down. Gadget correctly decided it would be best to let them bed down, and approached them later that day, positioning ourselves in a location to intercept them coming back out to feed in the evening.
Later that day we stalked to aforementioned secluded finger meadow/park, staying just inside the tree line. We spotted several cows, a spike bull, and a shooter bull. The bull was bedded down in the meadow. We were 370 yards from the bull and decided to get closer. The bull got up and we then stalked to within 240 yards of him. We sat down and my father got positioned for a shot. The bull then decided to bed back down. There he laid for about an hour. Three of the cows fed over to in front of us, subsequently bedded down looking straight in our direction. We could hear another bull bugling in the distance. Finally, the bull got up and he too bugled. Gadget said "the bull is going to come over in front of us, get the cows up and move from this small meadow towards the big meadow". This would mean he would move across from our left heading toward our right. That's exactly what he did. After he got the last cow up, and cleared the cows, my dad shot him at about 190 yards. The shot was placed just above animal's heart. The bull bucked, ran about 20 yards, and expired. No second shot required. A mature 6x6 bull. I gross scored him at 298 B&C.
My dad is 83 years old, and found the rocky terrain challenging. Our guide assessed his ability and scripted our hunt accordingly. His script was a work of tut Many thanks go to our guide Gadget and our camp cook JR. Both individuals were very professional and amiable people. We would also like to thank guide Randy Weems for spotting for us, and great conversation. We enjoyed our hunt immensely, saw numerous different species of wildlife, and cannot thank USO enough. This was a hunt we will never forget.

Scott Torness

Big Stone City, SD

This was definitely one of the most challenging hunts that I have been on. The guides and staff were very friendly and accommodating. They knew when to push and when to hold back. Every hunter in our camp was able to harvest an animal. I would recommend this outfitter and already have. There are already plans in the works to return to new Mexico and Floyd Lee Ranch! Guides were Cash and Jason and they met my expectations and were great coaches, instructors and motivators. I would be happy to be paired with either of the guides again. Quality/Quantity - we were in and out of the animals throughout our hunt. I was a little frustrated for the middle of the hunt as it seemed that we were unable to locate any to get set up on. (Note: See first paragraph) Accommodations - the cabins were adequate for our stay. The bunks were a little uncomfortable and I was absolutely ready to get back to my own bed.

Charles R. Gabbert

Peoria, IL

My hunt went well, the first day we saw a number of good bulls but could not get close enough for a good shot. The second day my son Chuck stayed with Steve and I went on with Willie. This was a birthday present for my 80th birthday, so we went to a different area of the ranch, at about 4:00 2 bulls were spotted. Some one took one and I took the other one around 5:00, I shot my bull from about 150 yards. Then we helped spot for the other hunter before we cut up my elk. This was my 11th hunt with US Outfitters, it's always a good hunt with something to shoot - it's up to you.

Keith Lynch

Woolford, MD

Great hunt! Thanks for the terrific hunt and memories. I had an exceptionally good time on the Floyd Lee Ranch and was able to take a mature Bull Elk on the morning of 10/4/2016 the 1st day of our scheduled 5 day hunt. Our guide Steven Wayne Henry located and guided us to Bull Elk before sunrise and within a few hours we were in very close proximity and made a very easy 30-40 yard shot! Henry's relaxed style and accommodating manner was a perfect fit. The remote camp was very well organized with great accommodations. The entire staff made us very welcome. Of particular note was the care and attention provided by JR the camp cook, he provided late lunch and dinner necessitated by our success in the field. I am looking forward to another adventure with USO.

Shane Matchette

Andersonville, TN

This hunt was truly amazing. I'll remember it the rest of my life. I know there will be more to come. This first experience really set the tone, though. Harvesting the big 5 x 5 was merely a bonus. The experience was incredible. The guides, clients and cooks were way more then I ever expected. Hospitality was second to none. One guide, Richie Halcomb, was 100% dedicated. His entire hunt and soul were involved. Words can't describe the will and determination this young man had to put us on a good bull. All in all I was impressed the minute I stepped out of the truck until the minute I left the mountain. I absolutely can't wait to go back. Thank you USO Outfitters and thanks for hiring Richie.

James Landon Hawkins

Honey Grove, TX

Hunting at USO was a great experience. Everyone there was very helpful. I saw some of the best bulls I've ever seen while hunting and was able to harvest a decent 6 x 6 bull and missed a 350 class bull! I would like to say thanks to Kevin, Okie and Bobby for all the help. Also the cook was great, I hadn't seen anybody work that hard at making sure you had something to eat as soon as you came in from hunting.

Darran Ancinec

Midland, TX

I just wanted to let you know my hunt on the Q Creek Ranch couldn't have been any better. Tad Anderson runs a forst class operation from the guides, the ladies at the lodge (Verna fed us like we were somebody) and the quality of the game. I had been dreaming of going to Wyoming to hunt mule deer my whole life. This hunt was everything I hoped it would be. Thanks USO for making this hunt possible for me.

Rich Walker

Prince Frederick, Maryland

I only have one regret, that is I wish I had booked a hunt with USO years ago! My hunt far exceeded my expectations. I was fortunate to have harvested a 5X5 bull elk on my first morning. The accommodations were excellent, the food was great, the property was breathtaking, and the elk were numerous. There are a lot of outfitters who make claims about potential success, etc. Some are above board and some give "special treatment" to only "celebrities". USO sets the standard for all others to follow in terms of professionalism, experience, facilities, and opportunities to ALL their clients. Thank You for delivering a Hunt of a Lifetime!

Lonnie Stum

Elizabethtown, PA

Wanted to write you to let you know that once again I was not disappointed with my hunt with USO. My Arizona deer hunt could not have gone any better and could not have been more fun. Great food, great accommodations and most of all great guides. I killed a great buck and did so with great people. What more can be said. Can't wait to hunt with USO again. Thanks for making my dreams come true.

Brandon Travis

Wyoming, MI

My name is Brandon Travis. I went on an Elk hunt at the Floyd Lee Ranch. I am from Grand Rapids Michigan. This was my first hunt out west, and was the best hunting experience, by far, I have ever had. The guides/staff were awesome, and very easy to get along with. The accommodations were good and the food was great. We saw a ton of elk and a bunch of bulls. Everyone in camp was tagged out in two days. I would for sure recommend this hunt to anyone, and plan to head back again in the future.

Dwight Schauperl

Higbee, MO

George, you run a top notch guide service. You are very thorough and tell us hunters what to expect.
I really enjoyed myself on this hunt. The guide, Kevin, was a great hunter along with being a excellent guide. His knowledge and tactics were great for the area we were hunting. He is definitely an asset to your guide service.
The quality of game in this area was what Arizona is known for, and I was amazed how Kevin could find the Bulls in the thick canopy of brush.
I was impressed by your staff of guides. Andreus Martinez helped get my elk out and I was impressed with his great attitude and work ethic . And, as far as food Lilo's Westside was outstanding and they were great people who ran the restaurant. I will definitely be looking forward to hunting with you again. Many Thanks & Merry Christmas.

Ken McClintock

Montgomery, PA

Where do I start? This hunt on the Floyd Lee Ranch in New Mexico far exceeded my greatest expectations. Two of my previous hunting buddies and myself vowed to bring our sons on a Elk Hunt some 30 years ago when they became of age, then we hunted in Wyoming and were successful. This New Mexico hunt was without a doubt the greatest hunting experience we have ever experienced. My guide, Cliff Pierce was a match made in heaven for me. Very, very competent and professional and a "man of his word". When I passed on a very good 5x5 the first morning he said "we can do better". Better we did – on the second morning Ciiff got in front of two different 6x6’s while stocking the giant 6X6 I took (350+ class). I could have shot any of them, but Cliff said, "let’s get the big guy".
The best thing about this hunt was that my son Doug was successful on the first morning and accompanied me on my stock and harvest. Cliff did an excellent job in getting us in the right position and the shot was 366 yards – one and done!
I would and will highly recommend United States Outfitters to anyone – what a great group of guides who are all very professional and capable and the accommodations and food was excellent. There were 8 hunters in camp and we all filled by the second morning. A hunt and memories I will cherish forever.

Gino Bartoli

2012 NM Sheep Draw Hunt
Laflin, PA

I felt a short letter describing my recent NM Desert Sheep hunt was more appropriate then completing the post hunt critique you included in my information booklet. While it is difficult to put my experience into words, I will do my best.
Last spring Robert Ortega, my guide with USO, called me to inform me that I had drawn a NM Desert Sheep Tag. The significance of drawing this tag began to set in after Robert shared his excitement and after I started receiving phone calls from other outfitters asking me to book my hunt through them. I received numerous calls from outfitters who claimed to be local to the area. They sent me digital videos of sheep they had been filming and told me why they were the local Desert Sheep experts. My reply to them was that I had always had great success with USO and I expected the same on this hunt. Boy was I right.
Robert Ortega, along with Butch (Billy Clark) and Bart (Olsen), provided the best guided hunt I have ever experienced. They had scouted the area and spoke to Wildlife Biologist prior to our hunt. They had a game plan in place for our hunt and executed it perfectly. While the other local guides where scouting for the animal we eventually took, your guides had the animal spotted and a plan on how to put me within shooting distance of the sheep.
I would highly recommend your service to any hunter. You should be proud of Robert, Butch and Bart. They represent you well, are an asset to your organization and provided me with an experience of a lifetime. By the way, I forgot to mention the Desert Sheep had an official score of 182 2/8 inches. What an animal! What a hunt! What a guide service!

Brian Ritter

NM Valle Vidal Archery Draw Hunt
Lubbock, TX

We wanted to take a minute and let you know what an incredible experience we both had on our September archery elk hunt at the Valle Vidal. The accommodations at the Cottonwood (Ranch, NM) were fantastic and the people were wonderful. Terry (Ebell) was so generous and friendly, and a fantastic cook. She helped make our stay more then pleasant. And our guide, Andy (Valerio) was absolutely top notch. His knowledge of the area and his experience as a guide, allowed us to have the most incredible time hunting these amazing animals. He always knew where we should hunt, when to lay low, and how to get these bulls into close range for a shot. He never quit, day after day, hour after hour, he kept pursuing the big bulls. His love for hunting is genuine and it showed every day that we went out.He always had a smile on his face no matter what the situation. We walked several miles everyday and he never slowed down. He was determined to find a bull elk and give me an opportunity to get a shot. And he gave me several opportunities. His ability to call elk into close range was unbelievable. He is an amazing guide and he made our hunting trip more exciting and memorable then I could have ever imagined it to be! This was an amazing free chase archery elk hunt and I couldn't be happier. Thank you to USO, and Andy, for making it all possible.

TJ Schwanky

from the Alberta Outdoorsmen

Take a minute to read this article from TJ Schwanky, from the Alberta Outdoorsmen on our Licensing Service and "Hunting South of the Border". Read the article »

Patrick O'Boyle

NM Draw Hunt

I am not sure exactly where to start but mainly wanted to thank you for the great hunt we experienced this September. Our group of 4 hunters had been on several Western elk hunts over the last few years but none compared to the week with USO.
This hunt was off to a great start when we met Mr. George Taulman (owner) at the rendezvous spot and headed right to camp. The rain in the area had the roads slightly muddy but transportation to and from the hunting area was not an issue as we drove right to camp. After a quick orientation and practice session we were off to hunt. We had more sightings the 1st night (including a 40 yd clean miss of a P & Y bull on my behalf) than in our previous 4 hunts combined!
The hunting stayed consistent throughout the week where it wasn't camp stories of "did you see anything" it was "how many, how big and did you get one?" Seeing game on each and every hunt became the norm. I was fortunate enough to be able to hunt with Mr. Taulman during our week which was a great experience in itself. He is one of the most patient and dedicated individuals that I have ever met in any profession.
The entire hunt including the camp, food, transportation, cleanliness, abundance of game and quality of guides exceeded our expectations. I was the only one in our group who harvested a bull (there was 1 other hunter in camp who also harvested) but we have already booked again for next year.
Thanks again and I greatly look forward to hunting with USO team again next fall.

Mike Bell

NM Draw Hunt
Concord, OH

One word to describe my hunting experience would be "exceptional". I've hunted with USO Outfitters in two different units over the last 6 years and have never been disappointed with their professionalism and knowledge of hunting. Their guides are some of the best in the country and they make sure you receive exactly what you want, out of your hunt. .... I have traveled the West in many states bow hunting elk and deer and by far this hunt, this year was my all time favorite. Tough, challenging and rewarding to me personally. I look forward to another year when I see my friends at USO.

Taylor Baze

Kansas Draw Hunt
Celina, TX

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the hunt I went on in Kansas last week. Having worked with your organization for the last 5 years, I was not surprised to find such a well organized, high quality experience run by friendly, professional guides.
It was a hunt of "firsts" for me. It was my first time to hunt out of state ... for my first mule deer .... on my first muzzleloader hunt. I was also lucky enough to tag out a respectable deer on the first day.

Joe Leuthe

Private Land Hunt
Lansdale, PA

From the USO office ... to the guides and cooks, this elk hunt was a fantastic experience! Can't say enough about their operation and the number of elk seen.

Jeff & Robert Banocy

NM Draw Hunt
Odenton, MD

My brother and I recently completed our elk hunt in the "Valle Vidal" area of New Mexico. We were very pleased with the hunt and want to commend your guides for the outstanding work. "Tega", Red, and Ernie were very professional and ran one of the most organized camps that I have witnessed. They hunted extremely hard to ensure that everyone had a great experience. Thanks.

Bill & Wayne Williams

Over the years I have hunted with many Outfitters in Alaska, Canada and several other states. US Outfitters undoubtedly provides the most professional service, knowledgeable guides and trophy animals of any that I have hunted with. I have been on four hunts with USO and taken exceptional animals each time. I look forward to hunting with them again and would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality professional hunting experience.

Floyd McFarland

Gadget - Just dropping a line to say thank you and the guys at USO again for what was absolutely the hunt of a lifetime for me! I got my antlers today, but was very surprised to find the arrow that took the bull in the box. I figured that thing was lost forever! You guys really go above and beyond to make sure your hunt is truly the hunt of a lifetime! As if the whole thing was not already an awesome experience. I intend to hunt until I'm just too old or decrepit to cut it any more, but as long as I live, I will always remember the coolest trip I ever had.

Donny Doyon & Littlebow

It's a real pleasure to hunt with a first class outfitter. USO made my elk hunt the very best possible. I saw plenty of elk and ended up taking a 383" bull on the first day with a muzzle loader . . . . the hunt of a lifetime! The tent camp was superb; heated tents, hot showers and meals that were outstanding. A great guide staff; Tega, Red Rider and Ritchie were professional in every way to ensure their hunters had a great experience. The Licensing Program took out any stress and did all the work getting the Limited Draw tag for me in the Valle Vidal, NM. Thanks for making my "once in a lifetime" elk hunt a dream come true.

Craig Boddington

I started with U.S. Outfitters' licensing service at the very beginning. Since 1993 they've drawn me two bighorn sheep, one desert sheep, two Shiras moose, and three Arizona rifle elk tags (and that isn't all!). Using a licensing service gives the consistency needed to take advantage of preference and bonus point systems, and I am convinced U.S. Outfitters' research on area trends and drawing odds is second to none. It's a gross understatement to say "I'm sold!"