United States Outfitters Inc. was started in 1986 and our Professional Licensing Service began in 1991. This has allowed us to hunt all big game species throughout the west, not just in our back yard like most outfitters. When you book a hunt with USO, you can be assured that it is in an area that will provide the type of hunt you are looking for.
United States Outfitters has the experience and the knowledge to provide you with a first class hunt. Your success is our success.
You have our personal guarantee that 100% effort will be put forth by our experienced staff of guides to help you obtain the trophy you desire.

Miss Jean Taulman

Owner/Office Manager

Miss Jean Taulman, Owner/Office Manager, has the task of keeping ever-changing Portfolio Records up-to-date. A licensing expert herself, and an avid out-doors woman, Miss Jean’s experience over the past twenty-plus years, undoubtedly makes her as knowledgeable as anyone in the industry.

Public Land draw hunts and private land ranch hunts. Both hunts are excellent, basically equal in quality, and the success ratios are very high.


RANCH HUNTS are more expensive but have guaranteed tags, no drawings are necessary. When you book a ranch hunt you are scheduling your hunt for a specific time and location. We set aside a permit with your name on it, which guarantees you a license.

These hunts are more expensive because of the private land access fees from the landowner. The advantage is that you can plan your hunt in advance; this makes it easy to fit your schedule.

PUBLIC LAND DRAW HUNTS are a great value. Since there is no landowner cost involved the hunts are usually about half the cost of a private land hunt.

To increase your odds of getting a public land draw hunt, let us apply you to several states for various species. Before you know it you’ll be on your hunt of a lifetime.

Public land draw hunts should always be applied for even if you have a ranch hunt booked. We will apply you for a draw hunt that occurs at about the same time. If you draw, we will resell your private land permit to someone else and move your deposit to the draw hunt. Why not save some money and still get a quality hunt.

If you are not applying for a public land draw hunt, then you don’t understand our services. Please, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

APPLY, APPLY, APPLY. The biggest mistake a lot of people make is not applying enough applications to really have a good chance of getting drawn. Apply for as many as you can and also apply for any species that you plan on hunting in the future. Does it really matter if you take a trophy deer before an elk?